All Members of the Georgia Judicial Nominating Commission (“JNC”) shall act in accordance with the following protocols.

  1. The JNC does not select or pick judges; this is a power reserved exclusively to the Governor.
  2. No Member may receive anything of value from any applicant (a person who has an application for consideration for appointment to a vacant judgeship) while their application is pending.
  3. No Member shall receive anything of value in exchange for their support or vote for an applicant.
  4. No Member shall communicate any information received during any part of the process that has been deemed “confidential” by the Co-Chairs.
  5. No Member of the Commission other than the Co-Chairs is authorized to speak for or comment on the work of the JNC.
  6. No Member of the JNC shall have the legal authority, whether by agency or otherwise, to bind the JNC or any member of state government to anything.
  7. Each Member is responsible for complete and total compliance with all applicable laws, rules, regulations, and Codes of Professional Conduct.