The Georgia Judicial Nominating Commission (“JNC”) will make recommendations to the Governor of Georgia in accordance with the following general guidelines:

  1. Upon receipt of notice of a vacancy from the Office of the Governor, the Co-Chairs will:
    1. notify the JNC of the vacancy;
    2. send an email through the State Bar of Georgia’s facilities to each member of the bar in applicable judicial circuit;
    3. send a notice to each organization that has requested in writing to receive notices of vacancy, including attorney, business, media, and other organizations;
    4. advise the President of the State Bar of Georgia, the Chief Justice and Presiding Justice of the Georgia Supreme Court, and the Chief Judge, Georgia Court of Appeals;
    5. set a timetable for:
      1. the deadline for expressions of interest;
      2. the dissemination of applications for interested applicants;
      3. the deadline for receipt of completed applications and executed consent forms;
      4. the deadline for receipt of materials and submissions from interested organizations; and
      5. a tentative meeting date for the JNC to discuss the vacancy.
  2. Upon receipt of an expression of interest, the Co-Chairs will:
    1. compile a list of interested applicants;
    2. send each applicant an acknowledgement with the application to be completed;
    3. secure from each applicant to be considered the requisite consent forms for the applicable background checks.
  3. Following the deadline for the receipt of completed applications and executed consent forms, the Co-Chairs will prepare a packet for member consideration which includes:
    1. the applications; and
    2. materials and submissions received for consideration at the meeting.
    The completed and submitted applications and other materials and submissions received by the JNC in connection with a vacancy will be available to the public upon written request.
  4. For vacancies where the number of applicants exceeds twenty-five (25), the Co-Chairs may appoint a subcommittee chaired by one of the Co-Chairs to conduct a preliminary review of the applicants.
  5. The JNC will meet at the time and place designated by the Co-Chairs. Members may participate by phone or in person. Candidates will be interviewed at the meeting.
  6. Following all interviews, the JNC shall meet in executive session to discuss the candidates and make recommendations.
  7. The Co-Chairs will then submit to the Governor a list of candidates that reflect the most qualified for the position.
  8. The Governor may interview such applicants on the list as he deems appropriate, resubmit the vacancy for further consideration, or take other action to fill the vacancy as he deems appropriate.
  9. Any or all of these guidelines may be changed, modified, or not applied if special circumstances warrant in the opinion of the Co-Chairs.